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“Very prompt response. Very friendly and obliging repair man.”

Charles Downey from Ranelagh (Oven)

“Excellent service. Anthony was was very friendly and efficient. Would highly recommend the service.”

Cathal from Leopardstown (Washing Machine)

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The most common faults are:

Inlet water valves / pumps – no water getting into the appliance.

Outlet water valves / pumps – water does not drain from the appliance.

Heating Elements – the appliance does not heat as it should.

Heating controllers (thermostats) – the appliance does not heat or cool as it should.

All of which can be fixed. Sometimes it’s not one of the above faults and it can take a little longer or the part can be a little bit more expensive, but we’ll tell you the cost before we fix it.

If you are experiencing problems with your domestic appliance, call us now on 086 821 3041. We will be glad to help.

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