Beko fridge repair in Cabra Dublin 7

Yesterday the National Appliance Repairs office received a call from a customer in Cabra Dublin 7. The customer reported that their Beko fridge had a pool of water on the base of the fridge. We arranged for a technician to call out at a suitable time for the customer the next day. At National Appliance Repairs we repair and service all types of domestic appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, tumble dryer, condenser dryer, fridge, freezer and cookers. The technician called out to the house and upon inspection of the machine he could tell the problem, the drainage pipe at the back of the fridge that would normally collect the excess moisture was blocked. Normally the excess moisture or sweat that occurs in a fridge is collected in the drainage pipe which drips the water onto the warm cooling pipes and the moisture is then evaporated. As this was blocked the excess water had nowhere to go so it began to collect on the base of the fridge. The technician unblocked the drain pipe and explained to the customer what to do in case the drain pipe ever blocked again. The fridge was then back to full working order.