Today at National Appliance Repairs…

Today we completed 14 out of 16 jobs on the first visit! Most of which were completed without having to replace a part – so just cost the call out and labour charge!

One job was a dishwasher that hadn’t worked in four yrs(lets just say it was a ‘bit’ smelly inside) all that was wrong was a piece of broken glass stuck in the drain pump – remember 95% of the time its cheaper to repair than replace….

One of todays jobs…

We got a call from a customer this morning about his dishwasher which sometimes wasn’t heating and he couldn’t figure out why it would sometime and wouldn’t other times. On accessing his machine we found a broken wire in the door which was causing the problem – a quick fix and no need to replace any parts :)

Got a smelly washing machine?

Follow this simple video to help improve the odour and make your machine healthier and bacteria free –