Ariston fridge repair and install in County Dublin

At National Appliance Repairs we received a call to the office from a company in Booterstown Co. Dublin. The Ariston fridge in the office canteen was warm and not cooling. National appliance repairs take great pride in repairing many different brands including Beko, Whirlpool, Samsung, Zanussi and Bosch. The customer asked for an appointment within office hours for the following day. Our technician then inspected the fridge and found it to be beyond repair as it would not have been economical to repair the motor. As they were in need an fridge, the technician then suggested suitable alternatives that he could order, collect and install within the week. He helped the customer make a choice of a Beko larder fridge. The technician ordered the machine, installed and took away the old fridge within two working days.

Whirpool dishwasher repair in Dublin 1

The office received an email from a letting agent customer in Dublin who had tenants who reported their Whirlpool dishwasher had stopped cleaning and the water was still in the machine and therefore would need a technician as soon as possible. National Appliance Repairs always welcomes new business from property companies, letting agents, landlords as well as our household customer. The agent asked for us to call the tenants to arrange a appointment that suited them. The technician arrived out to the house the next morning to inspect the machine. The repair was relatively simple as the technician found there to be a block in the dishwasher drain pipe. The machine was fixed in a very short matter of time and back to full working order.

Flavel dryer repaired in Kilcoole, County Wicklow

The National Appliance Repairs office received a call from a customer in Wicklow who was reporting their Flavel dryer to be emitting some heat but not enough to dry the clothes. This would in most cases suggest over the phone to the technician that it may be the heating element. At National Appliance Repairs we repair and service all types of domestic appliances such as Beko, Powerpoint, Whirlpool, Bosch and Samsung.  As the dryer was located in a working office environment they requested a technician the next day who could call out in the morning. The technician arrived and discovered that indeed a new heating element was required for the Flavel dryer. Due to the more unusual brand of dryer the part was put on special order with the suppliers and this took 3 days to arrive, as soon as the part arrived it was installed and the dryer was working at the correct temperature.

Hotpoint washer dryer repair in Clondalkin, Dublin

A call was received to the National Appliance Repairs office from a customer in Dublin with a Hotpoint washer dryer which at the end of the cycle the door would not open.  We then arranged for a technician to call out and have a look at the door. At National Appliance Repairs we have many years experience in repairing all types of appliances in the Dublin, Kildare, Meath, West Meath and Wicklow areas. Usually a washer dryer door will not open for several reasons, the two most common would be,  the water has not drained out of the machine due to fault or blockage, or else there may be a fault with the door itself. On arrival the technician discovered that the problem was with the door closing mechanism itself. The door handle and locking pin where replaced on the spot and the door was back to full working order

Whirlpool washer dryer – door seal

We received a call from a customer to the office to say that the rubber seal around the door of their Whirlpool AWG338 washer dryer was torn and therefore water was leaking from the machine during a cycle. If the rubber is torn (not just come out of place) it would normally need to be replaced in order to ensure that it will act as it should as a seal to keep the water in the machine. The rubber seal is generally very specific to the make and model of the machine so this meant a call to the suppliers, they assured us the part was in stock and we would have the seal the next morning. The next day the seal arrived and we were able to arrange a time that suited the customer to have the rubber seal fitted. This meant the job was done efficiently and with minimal cost to the customer.

Bosch washing machine not spinning

The office received a call from a customer who had tenants in a property they were reporting their Bosch washing machine had a fault and was not spinning. This can happen for several different reasons so it was agreed that the best idea was to send out a technician to investigate the machines fault. The customer then gave us their tenant’s details and asked us to arrange with them a suitable time for the technician to call out and to send on the invoice to the landlord when the job was completed.

The technician called out to the house at the arranged time. He had a look at the machine and on inspection he could see that the fault lay with the carbon motor brushes and this was stopping the machine from spinning. The technician then replaced the carbon motor brushes and the machine was back working correctly. The technician was then able to send on the invoice to the landlord after the work had been done.

Oven door – glass out of place

We received a phone call from a lady in Dublin with a broken oven door as her son had stood on the oven door and as a result the glass had popped out of place and the oven door would not close properly.

We sent out one of our technicians to have a look first thing the next morning and he diagnosed that the glass could be saved and could be reset into the oven door rather than having to replace the glass or the entire door. Our technician then took the door home and sealed the glass back into the door. When this had set he was able to bring the door back to the house and attach the door back on the oven.  The job was completed with minimal cost for the customer.

Zanussi double oven – not heating

We received a phone call to our office yesterday afternoon from a customer in County Kildare who described their Zanussi double electric oven as not working. The customer was unsure as to why it was not working, so we suggested the best idea would be for a technician to call out the next morning to investigate the machine.

The technician arrived to the house this morning and upon inspection of the machine he could see the oven was not heating up. He explained to the customer that this meant they would need to replace the oven element. As the technicians carry a stock of common spare parts in the van he was able to replace the 2500w oven element there and then. He had the job completed and the oven back to full working order within the hour.

Topline Tumble Drier – Broken handle

We received a call from a customer in Dublin 6 who had a broken handle on a Topline tumble drier. The machine was over 10 years old so he initially enquired to see if we could get a new replacement handle for a older machine. We proceeded to ask the customer for the make and model of his machine and got in contact with our suppliers, the part was in stock and we were told we would have it the next day.

We were then able to call the customer and give him the good news, that we would be able to get the part and fit it within the next 2 days along with a full quote for the job. The handle arrived with us the next day and we were able to fit the part within the hour and for the estimated price.

Siemens washing machine – will not spin

Yesterday we received a call from a lady in Wicklow whose tenant was having a problem with their Siemens Washing Machine. We took the tenants details and arranged with the tenant for a technician to call out to the house the next day.

So today our technician called out on time and inspected the washing machine. It had been reported by the tenant that the Siemens Washing machine was not spinning. The technician diagnosed the problem as a snapped belt. The technician had the belt required in stock in his van and had the belt fitted and the job completed for the estimated price within the hour.